Here’s Rob Schneider’s Next Movie

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02.07.11 13 Comments

Just kidding, friends. I don’t know what Rob Schneider’s next project is because I haven’t received my copy of Burn In Hell Weekly yet. But if I could offer a piece of advice to Mr. Schneider for a moment, I think this commercial for the Central Florida Zoo has his name written all over it. Animals pooping and peeing? What else could anyone ask for?

Schneider could play lovable loser Lem Winkles, a janitor at a local zoo and a man with a crush on the seemingly unattainable elephant trainer played by Mila Kunis. And just when Lem thinks there’s no chance of getting a girl like that, he meets a talking piece of elephant dung, voiced by Kevin James. Together they win her over and help Lem discover his confidence and true love. I expect my check by the end of the week, Happy Madison.

Video after the jump…

(Video via Bits and Pieces)

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