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The gang from High School Musical graduated in the last installment, but no matter, Disney is a machine that controls what kids like and prints money.  That’s right, High School Musical 4 is coming.  All androgynous mannequins, please report for duty.

HSM4 will return to the cable channel where HSM and HSM2 kicked off the global phenomenon. The premise is described in a Disney statement as, “East meets West in a classic love triangle set against the crosstown school rivalry between the East High Wildcats and West High Knights.”  Given that most of the main characters graduated and headed to college at the end of the franchise’s $250 million box office hit, HSM3: Senior Year, it’s probably safe to say that they won’t be “all in this together.” However, the conclusion of the film also featured a passing of the torch of sorts, as it introduced several new, younger characters, including those played by Jemma McKenzie-Brown [GRR, HYPHENS], Matt Prokop and Justin Martin. [Yahoo/E!]

I can usually tell when a new High School Musical is out when I go to the mall and see an entire kiosk plastered in some person’s picture.  I’ll sit there thinking, hmm, this person is being treated like he or she is really famous, and yet, I have idea who the f-ck that is.  Have I been transported to a parallel dimension like Quinn Mallory on Sliders?  And then it turns out I’m just old.

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