Human Centipede beats Twilight to cat toy market

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06.23.10 55 Comments

I still haven’t seen Human Centipede, which is probably for the best.  There’s no way the actual movie could compete with the idea of a “100% medically accurate” movie about an ass-to-mouth daisy chain.  It’s also fast becoming a bona fide meme.  Above, via Etsy, the Human Centipede cat toy.  As the artist says:

This cat toy is 100% medically accurate!

Cute.  Meanwhile, there’s also a Human Centipede necklace pendant, and Dakota Milam, a projectionist at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, even got a Human Centipede tattoo.  I thought the arrows were a nice touch.  And say what you will, it’s still less impulsive than a tattoo of Carlisle Cullen’s signature.  The novelty of these things might not last forever, but I guarantee they’ll be worth their weight in Pabst at the hipster tavern for at least the next month (speaking of putting your mouth on someone’s assh*le).

“Cool tat, man.  I have one sort of like that. It’s for this movie you probably haven’t heard of yet.  It only comes out in Japan.”

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