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02.03.10 26 Comments

(When Jeremy Renner goes down on a woman, he doesn’t do it half way)

My Google alert for “game-changer” went off another 100 times this morning, and surprisingly, one of the articles it pinged wasn’t about James Cameron.  It was about The Hurt Locker.  From NY Daily News:

Nominated yesterday for nine Academy Awards — tying “Avatar” — Kathryn Bigelow’s action drama may be a game-changer, [You said the secret word! You said the secret word! *flails around in circles*] an Iraq film that’s a true artistic success, if not a financial one. (The movie, now on DVD, has taken in less than $20 million since its limited release last summer, just about breaking even.)

Though the film is smart and gripping, one of its greatest strengths is that it doesn’t traffic in classic war-movie stereotypes (wide-eyed recruits, grizzled vets, bullet-filled battles). The patrols that Best Actor nominee Jeremy Renner and his team go on as bomb disposal experts in 2004 Baghdad rarely put them into traditional combat. There is instead a constant, unseen tension that breeds a kind of adrenaline addiction.

You! She learned it from watching you, James!  *sponsored by the Partnership for a game-changer-free America*

On a serious note, hearing that The Hurt Locker barely broke even makes my eyelid twitch.  There is nothing about that movie that wouldn’t play to a broad audience.  Any theater owner who wouldn’t play it should have their balls removed, as they clearly aren’t using them anyway.  God, it makes me so mad. I’ve got half a mind to punch my kitty-of-the-month calendar right in its stupid, furry face.  Auugggghhh! I’m so full of impotent rage!!    *drinks coffee really fast*

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