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11.06.08 26 Comments

MTV reports that although a Universal Soldier 3 movie is going forward and Van Damme is signed on, Dolph Lundgren will not be involved.

“I don’t know if they want to make it a video release or theatrical,” [Van Damme] said.
Actually there are a lot of question marks, like is he really starring in the film or is this a glorified cameo?
“I’m just going to do 10 days.”
Hmm, so what about Dolph Lundgren? He’s back, right?!?
“I told them, guys bring in Dolph! They said there’s no more value [to cast him]. I said, ‘it will have value with me!’”

No value?  Hello, he’s the only selling point.  We can’t accept Van Damme as the old Van Damme now that we know his meta-fictional personality.

So we’ve got a cast and crew in place. Now how about a story? Asked about the plot, Van Damme said “It has to do with something in the past.” [MTV]

Indeed it does, Jean-Claude, indeed it does.  (picture caption: “I will… motiwate you?”)

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