IMPORTANT MOVIE NEWS: Kate Upton Bouncing Has a Supercut

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02.15.12 21 Comments

Kate Upton has a bit part in the Farrelly Brothers’s upcoming Three Stooges movie, so obviously everything she does is totally relevant to a serious film site such as this. But what am I saying? I’m sure I don’t have to justify these things to you. You guys, you guys get it, that’s why I like you. Anyway, Kate Upton has made a fine career out of having giant boobs that she can make jiggle when she walks, and finally someone has given them a supercut, which they call “Kate Upton Bouncing: The Supercut.” You can watch it below. It’s truly impressive, most girls just get an up-and-down bounce, if they’re lucky, while Kate has figured out a way to make both boobs not only jiggle and bounce up and down, but also gyrate side to side and twist almost independently of each other. Now if you’ll just let me get my compass and protractor out, we can make a fine graph of their pitch, roll, yaw, initial impact, amplitude, rate of jiggle, and other important statistics. (*pours test tube into beaker*) KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Oops! I think I watched I accidentally watched this without my jeweler’s magnifying glass the first few times. I’m such a klutz!

Anyway, Go say thanks to the geniuses at WorldWideInterweb. Michael Bay should really give this the slow motion treatment.

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