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07.22.09 16 Comments

This new batch of new pictures from Iron Man 2 just hit the web, but since I don’t really like commenting on publicity stills, I brought in special FilmDrunk correspondent Terrence Howard to do it for me.

“Hey, man, solid.  Since I was in Iron Man 1, lotta cats keep askin me what I ‘think’ about ‘Don Cheadle’ ‘replacin me, and am I ‘mad’ about it, and all that jive.  Well dig this, man: sayin ‘Don Cheadle’ ‘replaced’ me, man, that’s, like… a matter of faulty perception.  The consummation of obsolete cognitation, ya dig?  See, because, man, when you get down to the root of it, we all of us made up of the same energy.  The same forcefields that govern the universe, like bricks in a wind chime, man.  He didn’t replace me, because we are the very same – Don Cheadle, me, the ocean, a go-kart, glaciers, my grandma’s piano, the ink on the contract I wouldn’t sign, Jesus Christ, and the dinosaurs, man.  See, we all the same when you start diggin, ya dig, so ain’t no reason to palaver about who replaced who when we should be playin’ drums and smokin’ weed and makin’ love, man. Now sit tight while I scat a while: skib. skibbity BOP.  Skibbity beep bop a-doodle plop, dweedly dweedly dweedly YOW!”

[via USA Today – and they’ve got a couple more than I included here so head your ass on over there if you wanna see them]

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