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Rumors that Jackie Chan would play a Mr. Miyagi character in the Will Smith’s son Karate Kid remake have been going around for almost a year and a half now, but now it looks like it’s actually true. The film will be coproduced by Will Smith’s company, Overbrook, and China Film Corp, and be shot entirely in China.

At one point, the rumor was that the new version would be called Kung Fu Kid to reflect the venue change, but there’s been no official word on that yet.  Which is strange, because Japanese people and Chinese people usually get all sensitive about being confused for each other. Maybe because of that  war thing they had that one time.  I find it helps to refer to them all as “Orientals”. That way you won’t offend anyone.

Poor families buy karaoke machines so their kids can sing along to their favorite songs and pretend they’re stars.  Will Smith is so goddamned rich that when his son likes a movie the kid gets to star in the remake.  “Here ya go, buddy, this is for being so polite to the maid who cleaned your room.”  But don’t be jealous, he’s only got six or seven more years before he’s blowing guys for heroin.

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