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01.17.10 14 Comments

SNL was pretty much what we’ve come to expect this week: a couple funny bits involving Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis floating in a sea of unfunny crap like Kenan Thompson’s Grady Wilson sketch that makes you wonder why the person who thought this should be a recurring character hasn’t been taken out behind a barn and shot (and if no barns exist near 30 Rock, I could build one for the purpose).  Anyway, here’s the digital short, James Cameron’s Lasercats 5, with cameo by James Cameron.  I think it’s the attention to detail that makes it, with all the James Cameron references and Papyrus font.  If I had one criticism, it’s that I wish there were more real cats (but I say that about everything, even my grandma’s funeral).  Oh, and at the end, where Lorne Michaels throws them out of his office, someone could say, “You didn’t like it, Lorne?  Hey, aren’t you the guy who hired Kenan Thompson?”  And then kill him with the laser cat.

[Oh, and here’s a Golden Globes drinking game for tonight, though if you’re even considering watching the Golden Globes, you’re probably drunk off your ass already]

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