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09.24.07 25 Comments

While Jerry Bruckheimer has been out making movies for adults with very child-like brains (and I mean like still-shit-yourself-and-drool childlike, not "still-with-a-sense-of-wonder" childlike as an A-hole like him would have you believe), a slew of well-made, intelligent kids movies have made a ton of money – Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, etc. 

Preferring to castrate other peoples’ good ideas rather than come up with his own (to say nothing of his insatiable desire for snuff films and baby pelts), JB will soon be doing a live action/CGI, G-rated Disney movie.  So how will he ruin it?

"Babe" may have paved the way for smart talking porkers, but it’s "G-Force’s" team of genetically enhanced guinea pigs working as spies for the U.S. government who look likely to bring home the bacon in this live-action/CG family adventure.  [emphasis added]

That’s good to hear.  Seems just yesterday I was telling someone that kids’ movies these days don’t have nearly enough creepy sci fi and vague, right-wing propaganda (and not the cool kind, like G.I. Joe).  [via Variety/AICN]

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