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03.12.09 16 Comments

No one’s really buying Joaquin Phoenix’s rap persona, but that’s not stopping him from trying.   Last night, he pulled an Axel Rose at a “concert” in Miami.

Hundreds of people packed the nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel after the doors opened at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night. Several of those in the audience said they came just to see Phoenix, who left them cooling their heels for almost four hours while disc jockeys played house and hip-hop music.  Phoenix came out on stage before 2 a.m., smoking a cigarette and wearing a disheveled dark suit, sneakers and his scraggly long hair and beard. He began rapping to a beat played by the DJ and nodding to the music, although most of the lyrics were unintelligible.
Then he responded to someone who appeared to be heckling him in the audience near the stage.
“We have a (double-expletive) in the audience,” he said before jumping into the crowd. It was not immediately clear whether the two men exchanged any blows. Security guards swarmed the scene and dragged Phoenix away. [AP]

You know, I think the ending to this stunt is going to be really anticlimactic unless Joaquin dies, in which case he’d become legendary.  I’m not suggesting, just sayin.

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