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03.12.09 26 Comments

Following up on this morning’s story about Joaquer Texas Rapper diving into the crowd at his concert in Miami last night, here’s the video. Is that Jerry Lawler down there? I can’t tell.

Adds commenter 6waysfromsunday (and I have no reason to disbelieve an internet handle and avatar): “I live in Miami and a couple of my friends went to this. They said it was TOTALLY FAKE. For one, Joaquin went after a girl. Secondly, when he got to her he just waited for the bouncers to obscure the audiences view of them fake fighting. And the MC was joking about it. Third, Affleck didn’t even get involved. Just kept taping and giggling. GIGGLING THAT HIS BROTHER AND LAW WAS CHRIS BROWING SOME HOTTY.”

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