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12.19.07 59 Comments

This is the trailer for Nim’s Island, starring every Lesbian’s dream girl, Jodie Foster, and Dakota Fanning-nemesis Abigail Breslin.  And also Gerard Butler, who’s in everything now.  Seriously, I tried to do that "take a picture of yourself every day" thing, and Gerard Butler was standing behind me grinning in the last four.  Talk about creepy.

Anyway, it appears to be about little girl stranded on a deserted island whose father goes missing.  She appeals to the only other person she knows, the agoraphobic writer of her favorite book series. 

Everyone knows you never ask a writer to rescue you.  We’ll probably just get halfway there, spill coffee on our crotch, and then write a blog about how we expected your death to make us sadder.   

Oh yeah, and Jodie Foster is supposedly out now.   

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