John Cusack’s ‘The Raven’ looks hella literal

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12.14.10 10 Comments

Here’s an official publicity still of John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe in the James McTiegue-directed The Raven.  A fictionalized account of Poe’s last days, Poe helps a young detective track a serial killer who’s been using Poe’s stories as a backdrop for his killings.  And apparently, he does so with the help of… wait for it… A PET RAVEN.  That’s so raven. Is it just me, or is Hollywood being run by Homer Simpson?  I wouldn’t be surprised if in this version, the rapping Poe hears at his chamber door turns out to be Will Smith’s kid, belting his latest single.

“In The Raven, Jaden Smith literally rapped his way into my tell-tale heart.” -Pete Hammond.

[via LatinoReview]

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