Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has An Admirer

11.15.11 6 years ago 21 Comments

Lindsay Miller is a 26-year old grad student living in Los Angeles, and she is currently living with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. You can read all about her struggles and inspiring thoughts on her blog, “I Am a Liver,” on which she made a particularly appealing post yesterday.

After recently seeing the comedy 50/50, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, Miller had herself a “Why the f*ck not?” moment and she recorded a video asking Gordon-Levitt to meet her for a cup of coffee.

As you might recall, I saw the cancer comedy 50/50 recently and was impressed with it, though it was difficult emotionally for me to watch.

Also, I didn’t admit this in my first post about it, but after seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance and seeing/reading some of his subsequent interviews about the film I thought, “This guy gets it. And he’s cute. I wonder if I could ever run into him somewhere.” But even though I live in LA, it seems impossible to find him.

Maybe YouTube can help…

Hell yeah, YouTube should help. I’m a total sucker for these kind of videos, especially when they have meaning to them. Like, I make about 20 or 30 videos each week asking Rachel Bilson to rub my feet, but people see that as “creepy” and “really f*cking creepy.” This video is sweet, though, and if Justin Timberlake can take a few hours out of his schedule to attend the Marine Corps Ball after a YouTube invite, then I think JGL should be able to spare a few minutes for a fan, too.

Then maybe Rachel Bilson can rub my feet.

(H/T to Buzzfeed)

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