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These are the latest pictures of Josh Brolin on the set of Jonah Hex, the film based on the comic about a guy who’s a lot like The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Brolin has taken a very hands on role with this picture. He was vocal in attacking it when screenwriters Neveldine and Taylor [Crank 2] were attached to direct, then he appeard to be instrumental in both the hiring of [Horton Hears a Who Co-Director] Jimmy Hayward and John Malkovich, cast as the villain Quentin Turnbull.

Amongst the changes from the Neveldine and Taylor screenplay I’m expecting are some curbing of the bawdy dialogue (”don’t forget to get your dick wet, soldier”)*; the requirement for Leila, Megan Fox’s character to appear naked; and several extreme stylistic conceits (a glob of spit hitting the ground in extreme slow-motion, “EXTREME CLOSEUP: 10,1000 frames per second, FILLING the SCREEN, detonating massively on a micro scale”). [/Film]

The pictures come courtesy of LaineyGossip, who uses them to accompany a very speculative story about whether Brolin’s been cheating on his wife.  I wouldn’t be surprised – he’s in everything lately!  (*fills out Leno writer application*)

*best advice my mom ever gave me

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