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11.03.08 21 Comments

If you’ll remember, The Reader was the movie that caused the big fight between Les Grossman look-alikes Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin – a Jewhaha, if you will.  The movie will be out January 9th (not in time for awards season like Harvey wanted) and the trailer just hit today.

It stars Ralph Fiennes as a German who discovers the older woman (Kate Winslet) who touched his ding dong when he was younger is on trial for being a member of the SS.  She liked it when he read to her – from “The Odyssey”, “Huck Finn”, and “The Lady with the Little Dog” – hence the title.  It was adapted from the book by Bernhard Schlink.  Meanwhile, The Lady with the Little Dog was adapted into a critically acclaimed film starring Linda Lovelace.

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