Hey, Tawmmy, lookit Mahky Mahk's shawt little T-Rex ahms

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04.06.12 8 Comments

C-Tates added for scale

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ken Jeong has joined the cast of Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain (previously described as “Point Break with bodybuilders“) which is currently shooting in Miami. Jeong will reportedly play a character named “Johnny Wu,” whom I have little doubt will be hilariously Asian. (As the commenters pointed out, Jeong previously played “Jerry Wang” in Transformers 3; it’s nice to see Michael Bay branching out).

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are starring in the pic alongside Ed Harris, Tony Shaloub, Rob Corddry, Anthony Mackie and Bar Paly. The project is based on the true story of body builders in Miami Beach who headed a kidnapping and extortion ring that went awry.

It was big of Ken Jeong to agree to this movie, even after Mark Wahlberg said all those horrible things about his grandpa (I know, I know, Jeong is Korean, it’s still funny if you’re racist). As you can see by the banner pic, Mark Wahlberg and his tiny little T-Rex arms have already been photographed on the set alongside The Rock. (I’d make fun of him for being short, but I’m pretty sure The Rock is like 12 feet tall). Wahlberg’s muscle mass is impressive, but it’s also probably a lot easier to get thick arms when they’re only two apples long. He can barely reach his pockets! He looks like he’d have to tie his silverware to the ends of sticks. “Hey, Dawnny, help me connect these fackin’ strawrs tagethah so I kin drink this wicked mass gainah. I gawt the chawclit flavah this time. The vaniller tastes like fahts.”

“What, does this jokah wanna spah? Don’t he know I wiz in The Bawxah? Bettah hold me back, Da Rawk. If this cawksuckah gets within range I’m gonna knawck his blawk off. POW!”

[pics via Starpulse]

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