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03.03.09 38 Comments

No, it’s not just a clever headline. Kevin Smith is signed up to direct A Couple of Dicks for WB, with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan attached to star. I’m sure people will make a big deal about this because Smith isn’t listed as a writer. Up until now, he’s only directed his own scripts for Miramax and Weinstein.  Here’s the deal though: Zack and Miri suuuucked. I wanted to like it.  I really did.  Kevin Smith seems cool as hell and I love reading his Hollywood stories, but at some point he’s gotta give me something more than the literal premise from the title with one or two funny pop culture references thrown in.

That said, Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis as buddy/detectives?  Count me in. ONE OF THEM is a grizzled white veteran… THE OTHER is a fast-talking black rookie… put them together and the sparks are really gonna fly!  Literally! (I think).  So yeah, hold that football still, Kev, I’m gonna kick the shit out it this time.

[via ErcBoxOffice]

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