Kill Bill and the movies that inspired it, side by side

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Most people already knew Quentin Tarantino borrowed heavily from the 70s B-movies he grew up on when he was making Kill Bill, but I doubt many of us knew the full extent of it as laid out in this video [created by RobGWilson here].  Mostly because a video like this requires a ridiculous amount of work, and yo, I got stuff to do (*bedazzles cat sweater, nods approvingly*).  In any case, it’s interesting.  Some of the influences are uncanny to the point that it’s almost disappointing — I admit I didn’t realize the sunglass joke above was a reference to the original Gone in 60 Seconds — others, not so much.  I don’t really think you can claim ownership of a shot of someone filling up a syringe, for instance, that just seems obvious.  The video’s also a bit bittersweet, with all the shots of the dearly departed David Carradine in his last iconic role.  I get a little choked up every time I see him.

(*pantomimes “gag gag, wank wank” to make sure everyone got the joke, smokes pipe*)

Everything Is A Remix: KILL BILL from on Vimeo.

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