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02.24.10 8 Comments

I was considering not posting The Onion’s video on the Danish tourism ad campaign as directed by Lars von Trier, seeing as how it’s already gotten the gangbang from every other site.  Then I realized what a nice addition this would be to my nicely-growing tag “So if you’ve got anything else wacky and Danish, be sure to send it over.  As long as there’s not too much pooping.

“The ads took over one year to complete due to Von Trier’s decision to wire his own jaw shut and communicate with the cast and crew in a form of sign language he created himself.”

In related news, Antichrist will be available on Netflix tomorrow.  But if you’re looking to rent a Lars von Trier movie, I recommend The Idiots, mainly for its graphic depiction of a retarded-people orgy, complete with wieners entering hoohas and everything.  “Jä, jä, mein daughter receiwe Ph.d from Danish National Actor’s Conserwatory. Ve’re wery prøud.”

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