Warner Bros Registers List of Possible Batman vs. Superman Titles

11.21.13 4 years ago 135 Comments


We’ve all been discussing Warner Bros’ upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie (Zack Snyder directing, Ben Affleck playing an aging Batman) for a long time now for a movie that still doesn’t have a title. “Superman vs. Batman” seems way too simple to make the final grade, and now, according to a site called Fusible, Warner has registered a number of new Batman/Superman-related domain names, which is often a good indication of where a studio’s head’s at regarding a title. So what are they?

Hope you like night/knight puns!

  • Man of Steel: Battle the Knight
  • Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
  • Man of Steel: Black of Knight
  • Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
  • Man of Steel: Knight Falls
  • Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
  • Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
  • Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

What, no Man of Steel: Judgment Night? Man of Steel: M Knight Shyamalan? Man of Steel: A Knight to Remember? Man of Steel: It Happened One Knight? Man of Steel: Keira Dark Knightley? Man of Dark: Shadow Black Matte Finish Falling Into Nightness? THE DARK BLACK: THE BLACKEST BLACKNESS.

It should be noted that WB also owns SupermanvsBatman.com and BatmanvsSuperman.com, so those aren’t necessarily out of the running. Nonetheless, if we’re using the possible titles as a hint to the plot, it sounds like they’re planning a lighthearted musical. Yeesh, am I even going to be allowed to see this without eyeliner on?

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