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02.03.09 39 Comments

The Earth-shaking tidal wave of condemnation of Slumdog Millionaire continued this week in India as slumdwellers turned out in force to protest. Says Reuters:

In recent weeks the movie’s success around the world has been overshadowed by objections in India to the name, which some slum dwellers find offensive.

Overshadowed, you say?  Please, tell me more about this important movement.

Dozens of residents of a Mumbai slum where Slumdog Millionaire was partly shot protested  Tuesday, hurling insults and hitting pictures of its cast and crew with slippers [of course].
“They have made a mockery of us, they have hurt our sentiments,” said N.R. Paul, a protest leader and resident in Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum.
“Slum dwellers are human beings, not dogs,” said one poster
[hey, dogs live in the slum too, shithead].
“They should change at least the title
[“…which is all I know about it”]. Why did our Censor Board allow such a title in India? It is very sad,” said Kallubhai Qureshi, a resident in Dharavi.
Nicholas Almeida, a social activist and slum dweller who has filed a complaint in a local court against the title, said the filmmakers also had a responsibility toward the slums in which they shot the movie.
“It is making so many millions of dollars, why can’t they spend some money here to improve our lives?” said Almeida.

That’s right, dozens.  In a country with almost 1.2 billion people, at least 12 people came out to protest.  That’s less than the film’s crew.  Why is anyone talking to these idiots?  12 people? I can find more hoboes than that in my neighborhood protesting things that don’t exist, like the holocaust, or the female orgasm.  If the object of this protest was to make me pray the protesters starve to death, well done.

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