HAHAHAHAHA, ‘Focker’, get it????

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08.19.10 22 Comments

Hold your sides and hide your funny bones, folks, there’s a new trailer for Little Fockers on the loose!  This time we find out that Robert DeNiro wants Ben Stiller to become ‘The Godfocker’.  Then Barbra Streisand calls her grandkids ‘little fockers.’  And then, just when you thought the hilarity was over, you’ll never believe this, someone says ‘focker’ AGAIN!  How do they do it?  ‘Focker,’ get it?  That his name!  It’s funny because it sounds like a swear word!  Three movies in and three repetitions deep during the two-minute trailer and it’s still just as fresh as the day they came up with it!  10 years ago!

“Focking hilarious!” -Ben Lyons

“You’d be a focking idiot to miss it!” -Pete Hammond

“These fockers stand so lonely on pop culture’s precipice that their au courant Hitchcockianism seems positively Plebian compared to the bourgeouis milieu!” –Armond White

[via ScreenJunkies]

PS – Sorry about the Spanish subtitles. Ay, que chiste! Hay muchos ‘Fockers’ aqui!

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