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From Variety comes the sad news that two different crappy comedies have been using the same crappy tagline.

Billboards for the Ben Stiller starrer "Heartbreak Kid" began popping up throughout Los Angeles several weeks ago featuring the tagline "Love blows" atop an image of Stiller and Malin Akerman engaged in a marital row. The outdoor campaign for "Good Luck Chuck" debuted about two weeks later sporting the nearly identical tagline "Sometimes love blows" underneath a shot of stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, whose skirt is swishing in the wind a la Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch."

The best part? Neither movie is about wind tunnels or hurricanes, so "love blows" isn't even an attempt at double entendre. They were both trying to sell their movie as "Hey dude, love is hella lame!" But wait, it gets worse:

Ironically, "Good Luck Chuck" showcases yet another tagline: "There's something about Jessica," playing off the Farrelly brothers' 1998 title "There's Something About Mary."

Hey, these are, after all, the same people who put Dane Cook in a movie.

At least it's not another take off on "Got Milk".  Seriously, was that campaign so insanely clever that we still have to see it parodied like 15 years later?  Hey, I got one: "Got An Original Idea, Asshole?" or perhaps just "Got Asshole?"  But I digress…

"It's probably just kind of bad luck for 'Chuck,' " a marketing exec at a rival studio said.

Kill me.  Kill me now.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, after Good Luck Chuck, Dane Cook will be appearing in Bachelor Number 2, about a guy who other guys hire to go on dates with girlfriends who've left them so bad that the girls realize how great their boyfriends are.  Gee, isn't that remarkably similar to the plot of Good Luck Chuck?  Yup, Dane Cook steals.  Even from himself.

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