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Despite my fervent belief that he’s too good for this project and none of this will pan out, reliable sources like Variety and EW are now reporting that Christian Bale will be playing an older John Connor in the second movie past the Terminator franchise’s expiration date, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, directed by McG.

Producers intend the project to be the first in a trilogy reinventing the franchise. It’s not clear whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in it. The Terminator role made him into a star, but he’s now busy running the state of California; his role in "T3" was his last. [Variety]

They’re going to reinvent a sci-fi classic and worldwide success as a critically-reviled cheesedick turd with McG at the helm.  The guy’s directed two Charlie’s Angels movies and We Are Marshall, and if that weren’t bad enough, HE HAS ONE NAME.  Not since Jon Peters went from styling Barbra Striesand’s hair to producing movies has someone with so little been allowed to ruin so much. 

So how do I expain Bale, a guy who usually picks great projects,’s decision?  He’s British.  Look at him on the Today Show, faking an American accent – I think he’s just trying to fit in, like when Jackie Chan thought Rush Hour sucked because of cultural misunderstanding, or like when the other movie bloggers made me strangle that puppy.    "Oy, bugga me arse, guv!  Me agent gave me dodgy advice and now oy’m in barney!"

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