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05.29.09 7 Comments

Sorry for these lightning-round posts folks, but I think you’ll agree that none of these deserve a whole post for themselves. What do they look like, your mom?

Dead Snow, the Norwegian Nazi-Zombie movie has a new trailer.  It’s out in limited release on June 19th.  This trailer gives you a better idea of the story, which isn’t really a good thing, since the entire story consists of “There are zombies and the zombies are nazis.”  The blood-puking clip is far more effective, I think.  But I say that about everything.

Answer Man stars Jeff Daniels as a curmudgeonly, reclusive, best-selling author who is redeemed by the love of a good woman (Lauren Graham).  Hey, remember when this was called As Good as it Gets?

And finally, A Perfect Getaway begins with Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich on a honeymoon backpacking trip set to Jack Johnson, but before you know it people start getting stabbed.  It’s very realistic, because Jack Johnson always makes me want to stab people.  I’ve always wanted to shiv him in the side and shout, “WHO’S MELLOW NOW, MOTHERF*CKER.”

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