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04.27.09 51 Comments

Why scour the internet for PICTURES OF MEGAN FOX NAKED when you can find pictures of Megan Fox wearing a corset on the set of Jonah Hex right here?  Call me old fashioned, but I like this corset stuff much better than a MEGAN FOX LESBIAN GANGBANG or an AMPUTEE MEGAN FOX MIDGET BUKAKKE ORGY.  Anyway, about Hex, it co-stars John Malkovich and Josh Brolin and comes from Horton Hears a Who director Jimmy Hayward. Word on the street is that there aren’t any MEGAN FOX NUDE SCENES.

Malkovich is using vodoo to raise an undead army of confederate soldiers and Brolin – as Jonah Hex – will try to stop him. Fox will play Leila, a gun-wielding beauty and love interest for Jonah. [BadandUgly]

If Megan Fox actually was an 1860s prostitute, she’d probably smell like hobo nutsack dipped in pigsh*t.  And you’d probably still hit it anyway, wouldn’t you, you disgusting pervert.  I tried tilting my monitor up to try to peek up her crotch, but it didn’t work. :-(

[more pics at BadandUgly]

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