Mel Gibson and His Beaver Get A UK Release

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11.09.10 19 Comments

Who says these have to be mutually exclusive?

Jodie Foster’s Beaver may not open wide in the U.S. (which is a travesty of sapphic epic proportions), but things are looking up:

Digital Spy noticed that the film has been given a release date in the U.K., and it’s surprisingly soon: it will open on February 11th, against Black Swan, Just Go With It, No Strings Attached, and Yogi Bear. It’s being distributed by Icon, the British/Australian distributor founded and owned by Gibson himself—it obviously helps if the disgraced star of your latest movie also owns the company releasing it. [ThePlaylist]

Releasing the weekend before Valentine’s Day?  Because nothing says romance like Mel Gibson working out his issues with a therapy puppet.  I’m getting all hot just thinking about it.  Oh man, I hope this gets a full release (heh heh) in the US at the same time, so I can buy my Valentine a ticket to this and a box of chocolates (in that order) and put them with a note that says, “You should just smile and blow me.”  I find the earnest sentiments are always the most effective.

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