Memorable movie Fack Yous: a compilation

Senior Editor
08.24.10 8 Comments

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been grooving on that Cee-Lo “F*ck You” song for the last couple of days (included below for reference).  Just when I’d listened to that for about the fifth time, video editor Oliver sent over this latest mash up, a fun compilation of memorable movie F yous.  You can send it to a boss or “friend”, or just enjoy it alone, like the hooker you pay to insult you.  Me, I prefer the Coming to America and Anchorman versions the best — there’s something about a happy, triumphant F You that’s better than a bitter, angry F you.  Though I do admit Steven Seagal’s contribution has a certain panache.  He probably hasn’t lifted his leg that high in ten years.


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