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So Mena Suvari is in a movie called Stuck, based on the true story of a woman who hit a homeless man with her car, then left the man, still wedged in her windshield to die and later disposed of the body.  Naturally it’s a comedy. (red-band trailer after the jump)

Mena Suvari stars as Brandi, a cornrowed retirement-home caregiver who washes asses for a living and has a cheating boyfriend to contend with at home. She suddenly finds herself on top of the world when she is offered a promotion at work, which means she will no longer have to clean up feces for rent and food money. After a hard night of celebrating this new turn in her life, Brandi hits a homeless man and he becomes wedged in the windshield of her car. Afraid to go to the authorities, the girl’s life comes crashing down around her.

Wait, did you say cornrows? 

Mena Suvari: The cornrows? That was about establishing Brandi as this girl from a particular society and neighborhood. The real story took place in Fort Worth, Texas. We felt that maybe our story was taking place in Rhode Island. Maybe Providence. So the hair was about establishing her in this particular world.

Seems like the setting would be something you’d know for sure, but… I totally get Rhode Island – after all, that’s the White-people-in-cornrows State.

Suvari: My intent was to make Brandi look realistic [… -Ed.]. She needed to be involved in this particular world. She’s not a model. She’s not an actress or a beauty queen. That was her life. So if she is living in this particular world, and she has this particular boyfriend, and these are her surroundings, then yeah, she would absolutely incorporate a hairstyle like this. Despite the fact that certain people in society wouldn’t find it that attractive.  [Source]

Waaait, a second, the story this is based on, it didn’t happen to be a black girl, did it?  I think I understand now.  Casting the whitest girl on the planet aside from those guys from Nelson and giving her cornrows makes much more sense than casting a black girl.  I mean, that would just be retarded.  In other news, I hear Tyler Perry’s next movie is about a white chick, played by Angela Bassett in a Blink 182 hoodie.   

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