Video of the Day: The Michael Cera School of Acting

09.16.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

Call it misplaced solidarity with my fellow be-Jewfro’d Italian brother, but I still like Michael Cera.  You can complain about him being in everything, and always doing hipster movies, or playing similar characters in everything, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but his comedic timing is spot-on.  And if you’ve ever seen him do a candid interview, you know it usually comes from him, not the screenplay. So that’s my two cents.  That said, LandlineTV’s latest video, The Michael Cera School of Acting, is for all you Cera haters out there, and I know there are lots of you.

“Since 2007, we’ve been teaching actors to tone down their charisma and embrace the awkward.

“Who says that Michael Cera plays the same character in every movie?  That’s absurd!  In Superbad, he played a mild-mannered teenager looking for love.  In Juno, he played, uh… Okay, well, in Scott Pilgrim, he… But in Youth in Revolt he– hmmm… Oh!  Year One, in Year One he played a mild-mannered caveman looking for love.  See?  Totally different.”

The guitar part is gold.  Doing retarded imitations of someone’s voice will never stop being funny to me, and setting it to music makes it that much better.  That said, I think I’m going to attend the Paul Walker School of Acting.  The program is much shorter.  Though I do hear that it’s much more… invasive.

Also, you want awkward?  Try Daniel Radcliffe.  That bug-eyed goon makes Clint Howard look like Paul Rudd.

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