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02.03.12 12 Comments

I like this Shame ad at least three times as much as I liked the actual movie. Also, that 2 girls 4 hands massage sounds pretty good. |Copyranter|

Ever want to see me do stand-up? Check out our new Events page for information. |Events|

Matt Ufford drops by to argue over donkey jizz, Moneyball, and Ferris Bueller.|Film Drunk|

30 Funny, Catty, and Bitter Twitter Reactions To DC’s “Before Watchmen” Announcement |Gamma Squad|

The 15 Best Ads of the 2012 Super Bowl So Far |Warming Glow|

First Look: NBA All-Star 2012 Jerseys |Smoking Section|

Here’s The Best F-You Letter Written By A Slave To His Former Master You’ll Ever Read |UPROXX|

First World Problems: NFL Worried About Glee’s Influence On Roman Numerals |With Leather|

26 Meanest Quotes From Reviews Of Lana Del Rey’s New Album |Buzzfeed|

The Best Football Fan Raps |Adult Swim|

Keira Knightley likes sex on her face |FARK|

20 Movie Posters that Have Been Banned Somewhere for Being Too Profane, Gruesome, Provocative, or Offensive |Pajiba|

15 Celebrities Doing Cheesy Print Ads |Unreality|

14 Photos of Alex Ovechkin’s New $4.2 Million Mansion |Brobible|

Facebook Safe Sex Ad |High Definite|

Grading the Super Bowl ads before they happen. |ScreenJunkies|

Bruce Willis told Demi to go to rehab, she said no, no no. |TheSuperficial|

5 reasons teenagers act the way they do. |MentalFloss|

A truly wonderful dance break. |Videogum|

Check out this special-edition, pro-life Walther P22. Yes, that’s a gun. |TheDailyWhat|

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