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“Spicy” “Latina” 4 Fast 4 Fourious star Michelle Rodriguez is no doubt one “hot tamale,” if you catch my drift (drift! Get it? Like the cars????).  She was coming out of Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills yesterday when some paparazzi accosted her and began asking her questions, which seems really unfair because everybody in Hollywood knows Mr. Chow is where you go to keep a low profile. In the video below, one paparazzo (dat’s a spicy-a douchabag!) asks, “How’s your community service going?” to which the “hot-blooded Hispanic” responds, “How’s the dick sucking going, brother?”  See? I told you she’s feisty.  And did I mention Latin? Because she is, you know. I think I read that somewhere.

Mira, dat’s why maybe next ju mind jour own beezness, eh puto?

Subnote: The first guy asks her “Do you have any advice for the Octomom, Michelle?” Do these a-holes just pick tabloid headlines at random, or what? Michelle, Michelle! What do you want to say to Patrick Swayze’s pancreas?

[via Genosworld]

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