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07.31.08 51 Comments

After his critically acclaimed box office smash The Love Guru (NY Times review: "The Love Guru is downright antifunny, an experience that makes you wonder if you will ever laugh again."), Mike Myers has decided to take his career a whole new direction.  Just kidding, he’s doing another Austin Powers.

I’m told that Mike Myers has started writing Austin Powers 4 which will be an homage to his father. "It’s very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life," an insider tells me. As Myers has previously said, this fourth installment of the super spy spoof movie series will focus on Austin’s arch-villain Dr. Evil, who was based on Blofeld of the Bond films. But what hasn’t been known is that the AP4 plot is really about Dr. Evil and his son (introduced already as Scott Evil, played by Seth Green).

Wow, someone in Hollywood has daddy issues?  Surprising.

There’s no deal in place yet but New Line is panting after No. 4 despite Myer’s recent box office bomb, The Love Guru, for Paramount. But does Myers realize he may no longer be a draw? (Probably not. Before the pic opened, he reportedly made diva demands from Conan O’Brien staffers last month for stupid stuff like Twizzlers and raspberry seltzer.) [DHD]

I think demanding Twizzlers has less to do with not realizing you’re no longer a box office draw and more to do with not realizing you’re not six.  But I’m excited for this, I’ve always wanted to see a real sappy, tear-jerker Austin Powers movie.  Maybe Fat Bastard could reveal that his overeating stems from being sexually abused as a child, or Goldmember could deliver a heartfelt speech about anti-Semitism. 

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