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05.15.09 35 Comments

Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson has been tapped (hee hee!) to direct The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, which I have to admit sounds at least 1000% more awesome than gd panda who does kung fu (and twice as zany).

Mike Jones has written the adaptation of Steven Sherrill’s 2000 novel about the mythological creature — half-man, half-bull — who survived Theseus’ attack in the labyrinth and walks among us today. He’s a short-order cook in a Midwestern diner not far from his trailer-park home who falls for a waitress named Kelly.  “Minotaur” is conceived as a live-action love story with CGI elements. [THR]

That’s funny, Minotaurs and Epilepsy was our yearbook theme senior year.

ALSO: Oh hey look, Kung Fu Panda is going to be a TV show.  And why not – a panda who does kung fu?  That’s a never-ending geyser of material.  Those geniuses at Nickelodeon have done it again.  They discovered Kenan Thompson, you know.

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