02.19.09 9 years ago 32 Comments

This is how it’s done, Joaquin.

After the jump, I’ve got the NSFW red-band trailer for Miss March, which would look like a horrible Maxim movie or a direct-to-DVD American Pie sequel… only it stars two of the Whitest Kids You Know and Craig Robinson from The Office.  Just to set this clip up, Whitest Kid Zach Cregger needs a prom limo, so he calls his best friend, Whitest Kid Trevor Moore*, who sets him up with rapper “Horsedick dot Mpeg”, played by Craig Robinson.  Then we cut to Horsedick’s music video for “I’m a F-ck a White Bitch.”  I have to admit, I gigglequeefed. It’s amazing what a crappy, middle-of-the-road teen comedy can become when people who are actually funny get involved.

*Quoth… the traven?

I can already tell I’m going to be singing “I’maf-ckawhitebitch, I’maf-ckawhitebitch…” softly to myself on the subway at some point today.

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