More Clips from Tarantino Roast, Black Swan, Frotcast 26

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12.10.10 7 Comments

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Last week’s Frotcast was our most downloaded, probably due in no small part to the inclusion of clips from the Quentin Tarantino Roast.  So this week I included a couple more (of the funny ones, I left out the people who bombed). The whole crew is back again — me the clown-haired lesbian, Brendan the giant, Ben the ear rapist, and the Dark Lord, Bret.

  • Whitney Cummings at the Tarantino Roast: “Rob Schneider is such a sh*tty actor that if there was a movie about the life of Rob Schneider, the actor they hired to play him would be Rob Schneider.” (Beginning – 5:30).
  • The New and Improved Armond White Game. This time I brought on Laremy from, Robopanda from GammaSquad, and WarmingGlow‘s Matt Ufford in the hopes of making this game even more of a clusterf*ck. Success!  (5:30 – 25:30)
  • Talking Black Swan. LESBIANS. (25:30 – 41:00)
  • An appearance by Armond White Hammond. (41:00)
  • Sarah Silverman at the Tarantino Roast:Favorite lines: “Whitney Cummings  is only four letters and three shots away from being ‘Whiney Cum Mime,” “I brought Brett Ratner some Keopectate so he can stop sh*tting out Rush Hour movies.” (1:10:00)



Tarantino Roast- Kathy Griffin (Worth it for the line about “tea bagging Ethan Hawke’s hippie balls.”)

Tarantino Roast – Pat Cooper (I always enjoy Pat Cooper)

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