Morning Links with Apes and Hipsters

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06.28.11 9 Comments

How come gingers are the ugliest humans yet orangutans are the awesomest apes?  Discuss. |fckyeahdementia|


Supreme Court Rules That States Cannot Prohibit Sale Of Violent Video Games To Children. [Uproxx]

‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 2 Teaser: Klansmen with Machine Guns! [WarmingGlow]

Meet the 2011 Ugliest Dog in the World [WithLeather]

Hey, remember The Rocketeer?  These people sure do. |GammaSquad|

Paralyzed Cat Takes Swimming Lessons [Buzzfeed]

A Terrifying Gallery of Pokemon from Hell [Unreality]

Panthro Stars in His One Man Show, “ThunderCat on a Hot Tin Roof” [ToplessRobot]

PICTURED: Well that’s certainly a look. Thanks for the tip, Stephanie.

Bus 62 is gangster as hell. |TheDailyWhat|

Charlie Sheen is taking applications for new goddesses. |TheSuperficial|

See? I told you Dave Chappelle was buff now. |WWTDD|

Jenni P models hand bra, arm bra. |GorillaMask|

“Kids unwrap dad” is more heartwarming than it sounds. |Videogum|

This guy owns thousands of pornos and a totally sweet beard. |NYCStool|

Sports that never took off, for obvious reasons. |HolyTaco|


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