Morning Links with double Angelina thigh

02.28.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Remember Angelina Jolie’s exposed thigh at the Oscars? Well if one is good, two is better, right? Sometimes the simplest Photoshops are the best. |via TheDailyWhat|

Morning Links
The Best Of Danny DeVito’s #Frank Reynolds |UPROXX|

John Carter Battles White Apes With Willem Dafoe. Sold. |Gamma Squad|

Carl’s Jr. Wins Everything |With Leather|

Eye Bang The Full ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Two Trailer |Warming Glow|

The 10 Things We Learned From The 2012 NBA All-Star Game |Smoking Section|

Must Watch: Jean Dujardin’s French surfer rap |Film Drunk|

Natalie Portman may have secretly married a human millipede. |TheSuperficial|

14 movie cameos by authors of the original books. |MentalFloss|

James Spader is leaving The Office. |TheDailyWhat|

Racism In 30 Vintage Ads |Buzzfeed|

5 Forgotten Atrocities From the 80’s |Adult Swim|

With any luck, Jim Rash’s Oscar win will be great news for Community |FARK|

Ron Swanson Giggles When He Says Vagina |Pajiba|

The Best Interview About a Sex Shop Fire You’ll Ever See |Brobible|

Eight Disturbing Music Videos You May Have Missed |Unreality|

Walter Sobchak would be proud of Pete Weber |Videogum|

2012 Razzie Award Nominations. Looks like Burnsy was dead on. |Screen Junkies|

Banner pic via Holy Taco with other funny restaurant signs.

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