Morning Links With Salsa Dog & Dog Fort

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12.10.10 12 Comments

Salsa Dog isn’t as good as Meringue Dog but let’s be honest, he’s still a dog doing salsa.


Avatar dude gets his eighth back tattoo. |GammaSquad|Lobster-dog-to-dog-fort

Look, everyone, Olivia Munn is in a show about bland caucasians! |WarmingGlow|

Frotcast 26 will be up later this morning.  BOOOSH.

Pete Rose says Joe Dimaggio had a huge dong. He also claims he has a huge dongs.  I think Pete Rose is just obsessed with dongs. |WithLeather|

Attack of the Show has a new co-host, Whatshisface has a super gay cardigan. |G4|

This guy has some solid tips on pickin’ up chicks. |TheDailyWhat|

Here’s a chick flipping out at a Taco Bell. |BarstoolSports|

12 reasons Dabney Coleman is the greatest actor of his generation. |ScreenJunkies|

Our boy Oliver did a mash up of cursing parrots in movies. |Asylum|

The 20 Sexiest Sci-Fi babes. |NextMovie|

30 celebrities in see-through clothing. |Clutch|

DOG CARTOON VIA: AfternoonSnoozeButton

The most awesome lethal but legal weapons. |UGO|

Natalie Portman stripping. |Guyism|

Spank bank: Barbie. |GorillaMask|

30 random movie titles to which an appropriate response would be “that’s what she said.” |Pajiba|

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