SURE, ‘MY LITTLE PONY’ TRAILER IS FUNNY NOW… created this pretty solid trailer for My Little Pony: Reign of the Buttercup Sprinkles, as a way of making fun of Hollywood for taking old kids shows like Transformers and G.I. Joe and turning them into big-budget origin stories.  Funny trailer, BUT IT MUST BE DESTROYED. And soon, before it can find its way into the hands of a Fox exec.  They don’t even understand screw-top lids, you think they’re capable of grasping satire?  And even I have to admit, a My Little Pony movie is at least a 10 times better idea than a Candyland movie. In related news, ‘Candyland’ is my pet name for your sister’s vagina.

Boy, I get tired of this high brow stuff sometimes.

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