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07.20.09 29 Comments

Mystery Team is an indie comedy that racked up enough positive reviews at Sundance to get picked up for a theatrical release this fall, and now it has a trailer.  You’ve never heard of anyone in it, but it’s got that Napleon Dynamite offbeat-comedy vibe going for it.

Mystery Team is a dark comedy that follows the lives of three high school age friends who are still holding on to their Encyclopedia Brown-esque childhood detective club. Of course, their world is turned upside down when they are presented with a real, adult mystery. [FSR]

I had to deal with a bit of an adult mystery myself this morning when I pulled a hair out of my nostril that was coarse and black and at least two inches long.  Is this what happens when you get older?  God tries to slowly suffocate you with rogue monster hairs?  Will the insides of my nostrils eventually turn into Andy Rooney’s eyebrows?  I prefer child mysteries, like how many grapes can I fit in my underpants.  Well, some mysteries are timeless, I suppose.

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