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10.22.09 11 Comments

The producers of This is It, the movie hastily slapped together in order to profit off Michael Jackson’s death, have decided to officially dedicate their corpse rape to Michael’s children.  Aw, how sweet.  It’s just like when my stepdad would bang strippers and say, “I’m doing this because of you.” (See? Because the stripper was my mom.) From slug person Roger Friedman:

When audiences finally see “This Is It” next week, they will also have a lump in the throat moment at the end: a dedication of the movie to Michael’s kids, Prince, Paris, and Blanket.  I’m told the decision was made to dedicate the film that way by Jackson’s executors, John Branca and John McClain. They are also the film’s executive producers.

(*sniff*)  I always cry at manipulative, shamelessly contrived cash grabs.

Sony is also releasing a companion album to the movie next Tuesday. But it won’t contain any of the live music played during rehearsals in the film. Instead, it’s an album “inspired by the film.” In other words: it will contain the known studio recordings of songs included in the movie like “Human Nature” and “Billie Jean.” Fans who expected a true “live” album from Jackson may be a tad disappointed. The album does include the title song, however. That’s something!

Do you like the songs of Michael Jackson?  Own all his albums?  Well now you can own those same songs… on a new album!  Do it for Blanket!

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