New Meme: LOL Mel Gibson – UPDATE

07.05.10 8 years ago 57 Comments


UPDATE, July 8th: A lot of people sent me new ones, but this one I had to share.  Just… wow. (It is based on a news story, by the way, Fek isn’t that sick).

This morning, androgynous Warming Glow editor Matt Ufford sent me this. Long story short, I think the Mel Gibson Blow Me meme, a.k.a. LOL Mel Gibson, is a fantastic idea.  I propose that we gang rape it like a pack of… uh… I mean, it looks fun.  I made a few to get you started.  Let’s have fun with this, people.  DO NOT EMBARRASS ME!


LOL MelGibson-blowmememe-braveheart2 MelGibson-blowmememe-HAMLET MelGibson-blowmememe-Ransom MelGibson-blowmememe-LethalWeapon Lol-Mel-Gibson-MadMax LOL-Mel-Gibson-Maverick

Mini Update: The guy who did the first one of The Patriot also did a Passion of the Christ version.  User submitted (First one via, Second one via Danger Guerrero):


Via The Mighty Fek’lhr:


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