New Prometheus trailer uses up all remaining BRAAAAAAHMs

04.30.12 4 years ago • 22 Comments

Someone at Fox apparently thinks they need more than this banner picture to sell Prometheus, and today we have ANOTHER new trailer, which you can watch below. Sidenote: If you don’t want to see this based on Michael Fassbender as an effeminate robot alone, we have nothing in common. This new three-minute trailer has:

  • EVEN MORE people moving computer holograms around with their hands!
  • EVEN MORE Inception-esque BRAAAHM sound effects (you’ve finally done it, Prometheus! we’re all out of BRAAHMS!)
  • The red-headed assassin dude from The Borgias (crap, I’m the only one who watches The Borgias, aren’t I).
  • Charlize Theron’s name, which is “Miss Vickers.”
  • Stringer Bell being so badass that he pilots his spaceship in a standing position (harnesses are for bitches, yo).

Anyway, that’s what I got from the first 90 seconds or so. Three minutes is way too much of a movie I know I’m going to see anyway. NERD BONER: ENGORGE.

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