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01.26.10 34 Comments

Look, I’m as tired of all the John Travolta-is-gay jokes as the next guy, but look what they’re giving me to work with here.  In this new red-band clip from From Paris with Love, they’ve got him dressed up like some sort of bejeweled, gypsy pimp, and the first line is him leaving the bathroom, zipping up his fly, and asking Jonathan Rhys Meyers “Any backdoor action on this side?”

This could be awesome, I just hope they own the gay aspect.  After all, he’s playing an anti-terrorist agent. And who’d be more terrifying to a bunch of Islamic radicals than a big, tough, super-butch gay?  “72 virgins in paradise, huh?  Well I’m gonna make sure all you can do when you get there is curl up and cry while thinking about this epic ass-pounding I’m about to give you.  Now spread ’em, haji.”

Yeah, that’d be pretty great.  *smokes cigar, leans back in chair*

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