08.28.07 10 years ago 12 Comments

A recent New York Times article tried to explain the popularity of movie sequels:

Fans who tolerate the repetitiveness and ideological bankruptcy of the Rush Hour franchise, for example, may be testaments to the power of hope and a need for familiarity at a time when the Iraq war continues unabated, pensions and polar ice disappear, and Al Qaeda videos enjoy wider distribution than Sundance winners. 

Wow, that may be the most pretentious sentence I've ever read.  I got 10 words in and suddenly realized I was wearing a scarf and a beret.  True story.  And Tori Amos came on my iPod. The weirdest part?  I DON'T EVEN OWN AN IPOD! *Gasp* 

You know why people went to see Rush Hour?  Because people are stupid, the end.   

Oh, and because Brett Ratner was on Entourage.  That show totally pwns me, broseph.   

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