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01.04.10 26 Comments

Everybody keeps sending me this Nic Cage as Everyone site so I assumed everyone had already seen it.  But new is a little slow today, so here you go.  The Tommy Boy picture is my favorite.  Other headlines:

National Society of Film Critics names Hurt Locker best movie — which may mean its Oscar chances are cursed, as 7 of their last 11 choices failed to even get an Oscar nomination. We might as well chuck The Hurt Locker onto that non-Oscar-winning scrapheap with forgotten turds like Pulp Fiction.   I mean who even remembers that? [Cinematical]

Peter Jackson has been knighted in his native New Zealand.  New Zealand’s only been a colony since 1840, so I’m not sure why they’d even have knights, but I hear the ceremony involves shearing a sheep while being presented with a ceremonial salami. Congrats, Pete. (Also, how many dudes named “Pete” were involved in that ceremony?  I’d bet at least five.) [THR]

Weinstein says they’re staying the course with Nine, contrary to previous reports.  Which is great news for the Golden Globes’ credibility. Hey, films tracking 37% on rottentomatoes always get nominated for best picture awards, right? [THR]

Here are some of the songs for The Goonies musical that Rob Dean and Keith Doughty have been trying to make happen for the past eight years.  See “Sloth’s Song” after the jump. In related news, I sang Billy Joel using only mouthfarts once.  [playlist here, with lyrics over at /Film]

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