Nic Cage’s tomb is a pyramid, your argument is invalid

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04.16.10 14 Comments

Nic Cage recently purchased a miniature pyramid-shaped tomb where he apparently intends to be interred.  It’s strange that he’d be thinking about his own mortality this early in life.  Judging by his freakishly creaseless forehead, he must be what, seven?  Eight years old, tops?

TMZ has learned Cage recently had a 9-foot tall pyramid-shaped super-tomb built in a New Orleans cemetery — with the expectation that it will be his final resting place.

It’s unclear why Cage chose a pyramid-shaped building — but it’s probably no coincidence that there happens to be a pyramid-shaped symbol on the poster for his classic film, “National Treasure.” [TMZ]

Really, TMZ?  “Probably no coincidence?”  Somehow I don’t think Nic Cage intends his own tomb as marketing for a sh*tty movie he did 30 or 40 years before.  That’s not even his most recognizable role.  That’d be like Patrick Swayze’s headstone having a Too Wong Foo… theme.  Probably, Nic Cage just thinks he’s a pharaoh.  In fact, I hear he now refers to dying as “going to that big Luxor Casino in the sky.”  If Nic Cage were to commit suicide, I could see him doing it with an asp.  I can’t imagine him doing it any other way, really.

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